Meteor Blitz, a dual-thumb shooter game for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Deploy your gravity gun and plasma blasts to shatter meteors that hurtle towards your spaceship. Set against a number of sublime backdrops, Meteor Blitz has endless possibilities that keep the game fresh and engaging.

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Game of the Month, Sept 2009   “This is the best space shooter we've seen for the iPhone.”   Arnold Kim, TouchArcade
Game of the Month, Runner-Up, Sept 2009   “Little touches, like the way the game pauses automatically when you take your fingers off the screen, and the way your high score ranking updates in real time as you play, make this an absolute Must Have game.”   Andrew Podolsky, Slide To Play
#1 Shooter Game   “Graphically, nothing comes close to Meteor Blitz. It is insanely gorgeous...Buy this game.”   Refugee P, iPhone Achievements
  “Meteor Blitz is one of the highest quality space shooters we've seen for the iPhone.”   Arnold Kim, TouchArcade
“Must Have!”   “Meteor Blitz is the complete package in every way. If you want a game with gorgeous visuals, skill-based shooting, perfect controls, online connectivity, and replay value, look no further.”   Shawn Leonard, Slide To Play
  “It has the perfect balance of control scheme, graphics and rich gameplay that make this game worth every penny asked. It is simply the best asteroid-survival game that can be found in the app store. Check it out.”   Erik Fikkert, AppVee
  “Alley Labs have done the shooter genre proud and have lifted the iPhone gaming experience up another level...This game is a must in any collection.”   Refugee P, iPhone Achievements
A-   “Our top pick of the week by far...It's one of the best game we've played on the platform in a while.”   Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge
  “Meteor Blitz is the best top-down space shooter for the iPhone...Meteor Blitz stands at the head of the class as the best by far of its genre.”   Will Raskin, 148Apps
9.5 / 10   “Meteor Blitz is everything I look for in an iPhone game. An addicting, deep, fun game that allows me to enjoy any short gaming session I have available to me during my busy day.”   Kevin Miller, Gamer Limit
  “Meteor Blitz is one of the best games available on the iPhone. If you're looking to play a great iPhone game, make sure you add Meteor Blitz to your wish list.”   Charles Knutson, Epinions
“This game has just about everything you could want in terms of pure playing enjoyment...this game is a blast, and then some!”   Bob Bedore, appVersity
“Must Have!”   “Meteor Blitz is the most extensive survival shooter that I have ever played on the iPhone...I cannot emphasize enough how good of a game this is.”   Daniel, No DPad
“The controls are so fluid and precise it's practically flawless.”   Jason Lange, Classic Game Room
“Meteor Blitz is an incredibly fun, intuitive shooter for the iPhone, and undoubtedly something that any shmup fan would be remiss to miss.”   Cole Jones, 1UP
Featured App   “Meteor Blitz is an A grade shooter iPhone game loaded with non-stop adtion.”   App Safari
“Intelligent design, amazing aesthetic, and a great deal of polish make this game a must buy for any arcade dual-stick shooters fans out there.”   Shadow Kirby, Gaming World
  “Responsive controls, high quality visuals, gameplay depth and overall polish make Meteor Blitz an easy choice.”   Big Albie, TouchArcade Forums


Fast action, smooth controls and gameplay
Realtime in-game global ranking
Automatic pause
Instant save, auto resume
No load times
Multiple weapons and upgrades
Gravity gun
30 levels plus survival mode
Play your own iPod music
Global leaderboards